Social Membership

Good News

Now that renewals for Club Membership are done for next Season, Arsenal Scotland is moving to the next stage and opening up the window for new applications for Social Membership.

You can find the application form here

Please note that this does not carry any entitlement to apply for match tickets from Arsenal Scotland.

Social Membership

Social Membership has generally been used for Arsenal supporters who ┬ácan source their own tickets, as season holders for example. But it is also a way to be involved in Arsenal Scotland Supporters Club, meeting up with other Gooners across Scotland. We come together to watch matches on TV as well as meeting online on a FaceBook page, sharing stuff on Instagram and WhatsApp Groups. At least one Social Member is also on the Club’s Management Committee as a Regional Rep.

Full (Ticket) Membership

The window for Full (Ticket) Membership remains closed and will likely do so until the Summer of 2024. That decision was taken this month by the Club’s Management Committee in response to the drastic reduction in the ticket allocation from Arsenal FC to supporters clubs, including Arsenal Scotland.

Full Membership carries with it an entitlement to request match tickets via Arsenal Scotland, although this is very far from a guarantee. With hundreds of members, even entry to successive ballots left some existing members without a match ticket last Season; now there will be even fewer tickets to share.

Import Note

Inevitably, there will be some turnover in Full Membership which will allow the Club to consider re-opening new applications, although having a cap on total numbers. It is important to note, however, that becoming a Social Membership does not carry any automatic opportunity to convert that to Full Membership.

Martin O’Donnell, Club Secretary

10 July 2023