One of our members let us all down

Many of us were settled on our sofas watching Arsenal take on Palace in a tough fixture on Monday night …
But then, a series of texts and WhatsApps come in during most of the game:
“Some Scottish guy got lifted” … “Is he one of ours?”
“Might have been arrested” … “Maybe not”
“Was his ticket taken?” … “Don’t know”
“He’s apparently watching the game in a pub”
“Dog sniffed him out?” … “Caught in possession” … “Not if he wasn’t arrested”
“Should we contact Arsenal?”
“Should we ban him?”
And more like this for about two hours!  And 3 days later we are still dealing with it.
The person in question may have been content to sit it out in the comfort of a pub, but many of us had our match watching experience spoiled.
Please recognise that such behaviour causes damage to the reputation of both Arsenal FC and ASSC. Anyone (member or guest non-member) that brings either Arsenal FC or ASSC into disrepute at a match is liable to be disqualified from ASSC and the use of its services.


We were seriously worried about tickets and our chances of getting future tickets.  We had to email Arsenal to advise them of ‘an incident involving Police’ and Arsenal have replied.
We are currently following our club procedures and a ban may be required.
Please will all members be aware that their actions can have consequences for this Supporters Club and its members.


Arsenal Scotland Supporters Club has a Zero Tolerance Policy towards any member using match tickets or facilities such as coach travel arranged by ASSC, that behaves in a way that is likely to damage the great reputation of either Arsenal Football Club or Arsenal Scotland Supporters Club.
Such behaviour includes, but is not limited to,
• Ejection from an any Arsenal match.
• Being refused admission to any Arsenal match.
• Being arrested at an Arsenal match.
• Being drunk and or disorderly while attending an Arsenal match.
• Being under the influence of banned substances (drugs) while attending an Arsenal match.
• Using excessive, offensive and directly aggressive language while attending an Arsenal match.
All members are reminded that what you do in your private lives has nothing to do with us, but the moment you carry one of our tickets, you have to be responsible for your actions.
Angela Kidd
Club Secretary
Arsenal Scotland