Membership Renewals & Match Tickets

21st June 2023

Update From Club Secretary

Important announcement for all existing 2022-23 members of Arsenal Scotland

Chris, Mike, Tich, Peter, Dave and I attended a virtual Zoom call along with over 50 others from Arsenal Supporters Clubs to meet with Arsenal FC on Monday 19th June.

We are duty bound to advise all members of Arsenal Scotland about the changes Arsenal FC are making with respect to how all UK Domestic Supporters Clubs have access to Home and Away match tickets from next season onwards. 

The indications have been there for some time but now it is clear that Arsenal require that every person attending a match home and away must be a fully paid member of Arsenal. 

That is Red, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Disability Access, Junior Gunner, Cannon or Senior Citizen memberships.

Digital technology has advanced sufficiently that Arsenal are now confident that every ticket can and shall be traced to an individual member. Liverpool and Man United have already taken this step in recent years. 

What will this mean for ASSC? 

ASSC can still apply for block bookings for all home games (6 maximum next season) and for all away games (variable depending where we are playing). However, any tickets which ASSC purchase must be assigned to a full Arsenal membership.

The stark facts are that ASSC members who wish to apply for full ticket access through ASSC will first need to take out an Arsenal membership directly with Arsenal. 

For example, Red Membership which is currently £34 per season. 

It’s not what we would like but it will not change.  

Please Do Not Pay ASSC for an Arsenal Membership – We cannot apply for you.

Of course many of you already have an Arsenal Membership. If you do not then please go to

The other benefits of an Arsenal Membership would remain for members. And of course each member could make use of the ticket exchange system.

Full ASSC membership

Fees for renewal will remain at the same level as they have for the past twelve seasons.

You can renew to Membership Manager Mike Buchanan as you have done previously. ASSC

Full Members will be required to provide confirmation of their Arsenal membership number when renewing their ASSC membership. 

ASSC Adult Social membership

Those who do not wish to apply for tickets can renew at £5;  they are NOT required to have an Arsenal Membership.

Those who have already renewed with ASSC this Summer can, of course, request a full refund or a partial refund if they wish to convert to being Social members. To do either of these please contact Membership Manager Mike Buchanan to confirm your preference. If you do require a refund please make this clear and please provide your bank details and we will arrange refunds ASAP.

NB: Those already renewed and wishing to request tickets will also need to obtain an Arsenal membership as described above and provide their new Arsenal membership number to Mike. 


Any questions are best directed to myself Martin O’Donnell by email

or Tich Wighton by email

so leaving Mike to deal with the renewals.

Renewals are now open again until 30th June 2023.

New ASSC members? We have not yet decided on this and will announce in July. 

Right, I need to go and get a Red Membership!

Victory Through Harmony. 
Martin O’Donnell
Club Secretary 
Arsenal Scotland Supporters Club