Club Membership & Match Tickets: An Update

There has been a recent surge in applications to join Arsenal Scotland Supporters Club. Pleased though we are to welcome those who follow The Arsenal, the Club Management has had to respond with two actions: 

  1. As from 3pm on Sunday 7th August, the issue of new Arsenal Scotland Supporters Club membership will be closed until further notice.Any new membership requests received after that time shall be placed on a waiting list. Those already made, or by that deadline, will be processed in due course.
    [No money should be sent with membership requests; that happens only after new members are accepted and confirmed.

This is to safeguard the limited availability of match tickets for current paid up members to that date

Note This restriction does not apply to applications to become Social Members, as these may not request match tickets through the Club.

Note  Existing Members have until Midnight Sunday 14th August to pay their fees.

  1. Ballots will become necessary for tickets for some matches – although probably not all. The Ticket Team now have six other Committee Members to assist with an independent ballot, conducted by Zoom for others to observe. The first ballot will be for the Man United v Arsenal Away match.