Ballots for Tickets: Away vs Leeds, 16th October

Away vs Leeds, 16th October

Tickets Available

We have secured 27 tickets as was expected.

Due to postal strikes ALL tickets are to be handed out in person at Leeds.

This means that not all 94 members requesting tickets have been successful in the Ballot.

The first 27 members in the Ballot are being given first refusal. If anyone drops out then Chris will move down the drawn order.

The Ballot was of 9 groups of 3 (27).

We do not expect any more tickets. We will not be contacting everyone who was drawn after group 9.

Ballot Outcome

Conduct of Ballot

The Ballot was carried out via Zoom on 26th September, with all 94 request names in the hat. The numbers 1 to 94 were drawn out at random by Dave Harrold in Edinburgh, those being matched and recorded with the numbers previously assigned randomly to names by Caz Moir in Aberdeenshire. The draw was witnessed by Angie Kidd in Midlothian; the Zoom was hosted and recorded by Martin O’Donnell in the Borders.

The requests were arranged into 30 groups of 3 and one group of 4. In total there were 31 groups.  We received final confirmation that we had 27 tickets available for our members on 6th October.