Ballots for Away to Forest and PSV

PSV V Arsenal, 27th October

With 21 requests in before the deadline, the ballot for this match was carried out early, on 12th September, to allow members to decide if they wished to risk booking travel.

It was conducted via Zoom with all 21 request names in the hat, plus 4 more in reserve: 2 who had missed the deadline and  another 2 who had booked up travel etc but failed to confirm their request.

The 21 requests were arranged into 8 groups of pairs, a four and a single.

All random numbers were drawn out by Billy Mitchell in Dundee and matched and recorded against the randomised number against names by Liam Finn in Edinburgh. The draw was witnessed by Natan Moloney in Dumfriesshire and the Zoom session was hosted and recorded by Martin O’Donnell in the Borders. The recording sadly didn’t work.

We expect to hear news from Arsenal within the next week. We hope to get tickets for everyone. They will  be handed out in person in Eindhoven.

Arsenal v Nottingham Forest, 30th October

This ballot was carried out on 1st October via Zoom with all 15 request names in the hat. The requests were arranged into 5 groups of 3.

Random numbers were drawn out by Angie Kidd in Midlothian, matched and recorded with pre-randomised numbers against names by Nathan Moloney in Dumfriesshire. The draw was witnessed by Peter Burnhill in Edinburgh and the Zoom was hosted and recorded by Martin O’Donnell in the Borders.

The drawn order will be published after we confirm how many tickets we have sourced. At the moment we have 6 tickets confirmed. Hopefully will get them all.