Update from Martin, Club Secretary

On Sunday I reported to our Chair Dave Harrold and our Treshzz Alan Speed that our membership has been updated and verified  as we end our 17th season as Arsenal Scotland Supporters Club.
In spite of Covid, no ticket availability, a failing website and generally less interest, our membership sits at 426 which is just 84% of where it was two years ago. That is not too shabby!
Following new requests I have sent out ten application forms for new members to join. The form is now also available on the repaired and updated website.

Check that out under the Join tab

On Wednesday Aberdeen and Grampian ‘Regional Rep’ Linda Collie and I sat in on the Supporters Clubs meeting with Arsenal where we got the chance to speak with Scotland Ladies Vice Captain and Arsenal Ladies Captain Kim Little.
During this meeting the Arsenal Supporters Club’s liaison officer Mark Brindle publicly stated that Arsenal Scotland were “the standard to follow” in respect to how supporters clubs should continue to conduct themselves and have our members meetings in these challenging times of the pandemic. We can proud of that but do need to keep up our own standards.
Now we look forward to the next season and we hope that our membership will get more involved with the Club, not only in applying for tickets but in having virtual members discussions in local areas and across all of Scotland. We are currently looking into social media communications to achieve this and will report in due course.
We are looking for ideas on charity fundraising, or maybe just to have some banter and a laugh with other Gooners. Someday maybe get 5’s and 11 a sides going again. We need ideas for Club merchandise on sustainable ‘no profit’ basis, ideas for badges, banners, tee shirts, hoodies, scarves, caps, etc.
You come up with good ideas and the Club will do what it can to support them.
With 426 members we should have plenty of good ideas, so get in touch with either Dave Harrold, ASSC Chair, or myself, Martin O’Donnell, ASSC Secretary.