Great memories of a special day just before Christmas 2017. ASSC members Caz, Linda and Kevin, with the help of a donation from ASSC, presented the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital with 2 much needed portable DVD players and some Christmas treats for current patients on the Medical Ward.  Many thanks to patients and staff who welcomed us and spent time with us. It was an absolute joy. Just hope they all enjoyed it as much as we did! This is Aiden who made us feel very welcome and showed us some great Christmas cheer! More photos going on the Gallery page if I can figure out how to get them on there!

Caz Moir

Cup Final Plan Update

Just the long wait now till we hear from Arsenal.

The ballot of gold members takes place this week, I think today, then Arsenal will contact me, when exactly I don’t know.  I will chase them on Thursday.

Our own draw for any tickets we get will be done at McGintys Bar in Aberdeen on Saturday 10th February, during the North London Derby.  There are 36 names on the ballot list.

The lucky recipients will be advised by text on the evening of 10th February.  The remaining members will be contacted by text on Sunday 11th February.  You will be asked if you want to stay on the reserve list.

Names will remain on the reserve list in order of the ballot draw.  If/when any more tickets are sourced, the next member will be contacted by text.

To be clear – we need to shift the tickets as quickly as possible, so if you receive a text or call from me, I will ask “Do you still want to go?”.  Your response needs to be “yes” or “no”.  We do not have time to wait while you see if you can book a flight or find a hotel or worse still, get the time off work!  The maximum time I will wait for a response is one hour.  Then I move to the next person on the draw list.

Good luck all!

Martin O’Donnell, Ticket Manager

League Cup Final


We will only get a few tickets!

Tickets will be balloted!

Current paid up members only can apply.

All applications must go to Mike Buchanan by text, only giving your name, membership number and full postal address.




Man City Ballot Update

The ballot was carried out in Aberdeenshire on Sunday 29th October by members Linda Sharpe and Caz Moir. Following the result, successful members were notified. As can sometimes be the case, some of those allocated a ticket had to pull out. As a result, the remaining members who requested a ticket could all be allocated one.


Burnley Update

It would appear that sufficient numbers of tickets for the Burnley game have been sourced for all those who submitted requests.

No further requests can be be accepted.

Thank you.


Man City v Arsenal

While we have managed to get a good number of tickets for this game, there aren’t enough to cover all members only on the list.

Therefore there will be a ballot draw.

The draw will be done in the next couple of days and the results will be posted on the website.

The lucky members will be invoiced by Chris at the weekend.

Burnley v Arsenal

Same thing is likely to happen for this game so to start off, it will be strictly members only and there will be an update on this situation in the next couple of weeks.

Minute of AGM Now Available!

Hey Scotland’s Gooners!

Following the 13th ASSC Annual General Meeting on 17th September 2017 the minute can now be accessed on the Rules and Meeting Notes page.

Happy reading!

Caz (Club Secretary)

The Romford Pele at Grampian Gooners!

It’s only Ray Parlour… at Grampian Gooners HQ!
It was an honour to welcome a true Arsenal legend to Grampian Gooners HQ (McGinty’s pub in Aberdeen) for a sportsman’s lunch on the 25th November 2016.
Given that we have met up to watch games at McGinty’s pub on Union street Aberdeen for just over a year, it was great to have Ray Parlour in our so called home where he made time to speak to all of the Grampian Gooners personally. He was very down to earth and funny and I enjoyed a good chat with him over a pint. His after dinner speech was full of hilarious stories about his time at Arsenal which everyone enjoyed. 
He loved that he was visiting a pub where an Arsenal supporters’ group call home and we got a group photo of the Romford Pelé with some of Grampian Gooners present, holding up the Grampian Gooners banner. 
Danny Coyle
Grampian Gooners Rep
Arsenal Scotland SC 

The Long Sleep

Our Chairman – Mike received this – looks a good read

Hi Mike

This is John Sowman, lifelong Arsenal fan and author of the recently published ARSENAL: The Long Sleep 1953-1970, at 384 pages, the biggest book ever written about Arsenal Football Club.
Bob Wilson, your Life President kindly agreed to write the foreword and we made a joint presentation/book signing at the AISA (Arsenal Independent Supporters Association) AGM in London on 6th September last. AISA,of which I am a member, also made a similar cheque donation to yours to the Willow Foundation on that night and I was able to make my own first donation to the same charity from royalties from the book and the Kindle version.
What I am asking is would it be possible for you to make all your members aware of this new publication through my new website  ? On it they would be able to see what the book is all about and read how Bob has really enthused about it. And hopefully, even make a purchase !
Many thanks in advance and hoping to hear from you soon.
Best wishes

**ASSC in top 15 Arsenal Supporters Club Plus**

From Mark Brindle, Arsenal Supporters Liaison Officer, – this shows the high regard ASSC is held at The Arsenal!!!!
Supporters Club Plus
Dear All
Firstly apologies for the delay in announcing the clubs that have achieved ‘Supporters Club Plus’ status for the season 2016-17. The final 15 from the large number of applications we had in has caused a lot of debate amongst the committee of people who had to choose the clubs. 
If you are not on the list below please do not be despondent we will rotate the ‘Plus’ status each season and there will be some new faces each time, so make sure you get your applications in again.
So here we go:
France Brittany
South Wales
China Shanghai
We will email each of the clubs above by tomorrow latest with the next step.
Up the Gunners