The Arsenal history pages tell us that in December 1886 , fifteen men, mostly Scotsmen and led by engineer David Danskin from Fife, met in The Royal Oak, a Woolwich pub across the road from the Armoury , where they worked and agreed that they would form a new football club. They named the Club Dial Square, later Royal Arsenal, then Woolwich Arsenal and now the Arsenal Football Club as we know it today.

In April 2004, three Scotsmen met in ‘Droughthy Neebours’ an Edinburgh pub and decided that there was a need to form a new Arsenal supporters club to serve all Arsenal supporters living in Scotland.

On 2nd September 2004 the Arsenal Scotland Supporters Club achieved official recognition by Arsenal FC and became an official supporters club. At that point we had a membership of 30 people.

Over the years the Club has grown steadily to a membership of plus 500 and in September 2014 we started our 10th anniversary season.