The Big Match!

The Big Match!

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the founding of ASSC there will be a football match at The Spartans FC (Edinburgh) on 13th June 2015, KO 15.00.

If you fancy your chances of demonstrating your football skills (be it Coquelin, Bergkamp, Ozil, Henry or Cygan! – all styles welcome)

contact ‘le professeur’, Ryan Mills on 07515353474 or

Or just come along and enjoy our big day, the bar will be open all afternoon and there will be a buffet in the bar after the game.

To finish off the day on the big screen in the bar at The Spartans they will be showing the crucial Rep of Ireland vs Scotland Euros qualifier, KO 17.00.

10 Year Celebration!

Arsenal Scotland 10th Anniversary Celebration!

Date for you diary – 13th June 2015 at The Spartans Football ground, Edinburgh.

The provisional plan is that there will be the annual ASSC East of Scotland vs West of Scotland football match, kick off 15.00.

After the match there will be a buffet and on the big screen in the clubhouse will be the Euro Championship qualifier between Ireland and Scotland, kick off 17.00.

We are planning an informal day with a couple of speeches from the ASSC team and a raffle.

The bar of The Spartans clubhouse will be open all afternoon.

We want as many members to attend as possible. If you have any suggestions for the day let me (or any of the ASSC team) know.

Keep an eye on the ASSC website and facebook page for further updates.


Arsenal Supporters Clubs 5 a Side Tournament

A note from Mark Brindle the Arsenal Supporters Clubs Liaison Officer


Due to extensive work on both the Stadium and the pitch this Summer, unfortunately there will not be an opportunity to host the Supporter Clubs 5 a side tournament at Emirates Stadium.

We have investigated various options to replace this event, which was presented at the Supporters Club meeting prior to the Everton game on Sunday.

It was unanimously agreed that the Club should organise an event at Emirates Stadium which will involve a Questions and Answers session with Legends and Officials of the Club, along with food and drink, plus a Tour of the Stadium.

We will now look for a suitable date and come back to you with the details as soon as possible.

Ticket Prices & Availability…..

Regular questions we get are, how much are the tickets for games and what are the chances of getting a ticket.

As a Club we can obtain tickets to every Arsenal game subject to demand and availability. Our paid up members have priority of course, however we do sell tickets to nonmembers frequently.

We have members at around 95% of all Arsenal games. Members pay £1 extra over the cost of the ticket (cost being face value plus booking fees and postage costs).  Nonmembers pay £10 extra over the cost of the ticket (cost being face value plus booking fees and postage costs).

Base costs vary for Home games at The Emirates as there is a Category rating system at Arsenal, i.e, it costs a lot more to watch Arsenal v Chelsea than it does to watch Arsenal v Burnley.

for 2014/15 Home tickets are

Cat A – £93 members £102 nonmembers

Cat B – £55 members £64 nonmembers

Cat C – £39 members £48 nonmembers

For away games it depends on the costs set by the opposition club but the same +£1 or +£10 rate applies if you buy tickets through ASSC. Generally most Away game tickets are £50 to £70 pounds.

If you wish to buy tickets as a nonmember we will want to be entirely satisfied that you are a trustworthy and reliable person and that you will not resell the ticket to the blackmarket. So we may ask you a few questions to assess your suitability.

All tickets must be paid for in advance. Normally 4 to 2 weeks prior to the game.

Tickets are either posted to you or in some cases handed to you before the game.

Tickets & Trips

All ASSC Members

It is with real regret I have to write this post, there have been a couple of recent incidents (away games at Everton and Stoke) that have prompted this message.

It doesn’t affect 99.9% of our members – so apologies to those members.

As always it’s the few that spoil it for the majority!

We have 3 basic rules if you are going to an Arsenal match using tickets or transport organised by ASSC:

  1. If you have requested tickets, and they have been confirmed, you are responsible for paying for them. Only in very exceptional circumstances can you back out of the deal. That doesn’t mean you can sell them on yourself.
  2. If you are travelling on a coach/bus organised by ASSC there will be no drinking of alcohol on board – simple. If you drink on board – no ticket for the game!
  3. If you behave in a way (e.g. being too drunk) that is likely to damage the great reputation of either Arsenal FC or ASSC. This includes ejection from an Arsenal match or being refused admission to an Arsenal match.

If you break any of these rules you will not get any more tickets for games.


Dave Harrold

ASSC Secretary

17 December 2015

ASSC Banner


The superb ASSC banner has been hung at the Arsenal stadium, we have a great location – behind the goal at the North Bank end. Check the Gallery page for the first pictures.