If we win the semi-final tie, there are just 13 days to the Final in Lyon on Wednesday 16th May. So we need to move very fast.

Please be aware, we have no idea if we will get ANY tickets.

But IF we do have any chance of any tickets we need to set the criteria NOW!

1. Ticket applications cannot be made until Friday 4th May and must be made to Mike Buchanan BY TEXT ONLY!
Mike is 07801448662.

2. Deadline date for applications will be Saturday 5th May 12.00 noon.

3. Ticket requests will be for individual Members only. You must confirm your membership number. Family or group applications will not be accepted.

4. Ticket applicants will be expected to have the time off work and prepared to travel to Lyon. You will be asked this when you apply and be expected to have arranged this with your employer on Friday 4th May. If you are successful in getting a ticket and then you say you cannot go, the ticket is wasted as we cannot resell it (see item 5).

5. Ticket applications must include your full name, date of birth and your passport number. This is because each ticket issued by Arsenal will have these details written onto them. They cannot be resold and security checks will be made at Lyon Stadium. Applications without these details will NOT be accepted.

6. All applicants names will be drawn out in first to last order on Saturday 5th May 6.00pm. Each applicant will then be advised and asked if they wish to remain on the drawn list or removed from it. This will give the final drawn list order which will be posted on the Arsenal Scotland website and our Facebook page on Sunday 6th May after 6.00pm.

7. We then wait to find out how many tickets we can apply for from Arsenal. Hopefully Arsenal will release information in this respect on Monday 7th May.

8. Then we apply to Arsenal for as many tickets as we can get to meet the drawn order.

Please bear in mind this is a preparatory notice to allow the Ticketing Team to make all the arrangements in a very short time scale and that tickets are not guaranteed.

Your co-operation with the criteria will be very much appreciated.