Cup Final Plan Update

Just the long wait now till we hear from Arsenal.

The ballot of gold members takes place this week, I think today, then Arsenal will contact me, when exactly I don’t know.  I will chase them on Thursday.

Our own draw for any tickets we get will be done at McGintys Bar in Aberdeen on Saturday 10th February, during the North London Derby.  There are 36 names on the ballot list.

The lucky recipients will be advised by text on the evening of 10th February.  The remaining members will be contacted by text on Sunday 11th February.  You will be asked if you want to stay on the reserve list.

Names will remain on the reserve list in order of the ballot draw.  If/when any more tickets are sourced, the next member will be contacted by text.

To be clear – we need to shift the tickets as quickly as possible, so if you receive a text or call from me, I will ask “Do you still want to go?”.  Your response needs to be “yes” or “no”.  We do not have time to wait while you see if you can book a flight or find a hotel or worse still, get the time off work!  The maximum time I will wait for a response is one hour.  Then I move to the next person on the draw list.

Good luck all!

Martin O’Donnell, Ticket Manager